Meet Carmen Mateos

Meet Carmen Mateos

Our head of business and strategy planning


So Carmen, how’s life at Vital?

Life’s great! I joined the team in March 2015 and I’ve really enjoyed my first two years with Vital. There are lots of exciting things happening within the business at the moment. We have so many new initiatives and projects, and we’re working hard. I can tell you more in a few months!


What makes you happiest at work?

I love meeting new people and working with entrepreneurs. When you work with entrepreneurs, you realise they are a different type of person. They are ambitious and they wake up everyday with a passion for achieving their goals.  Clients are so excited when they come into the office for a meeting. It’s the start of a new adventure for them. I enjoy their energy and love helping them create their business. It’s so rewarding when you see that a client values and appreciates your advice.


You work with so many entrepreneurs. What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

The first thing I’d suggest is to analyse the market. Do your homework and make sure there is an appetite for your idea. Conduct market research, and run your idea past people you trust. It’s easy to get obsessed with your idea and push ahead with it when it may not be suitable for the UAE market. Establish if there is a real need for your business and if it’s something people will want.


Away from work, what does your perfect day involve?

I’d start the day at the beach. I really love it! It’s so relaxing! I’d get there early and stay until sunset. Then in the evening, I’d go to my favourite restaurant with friends. There is a small Greek restaurant near where I live. The owner is Greek and the food is authentic and so delicious. Later I’d go out with friends and ta ta ta ta (Carmen starts dancing)! Time at the beach, good food and good company – that’s a perfect day!


What would your autobiography be called?

Oh my God (long pause)…. that is so difficult! Um, I’m an extrovert, I have a lot of different types of interests and friends….. I guess something about diversity?!? (a longer pause) Ah I know – forget what I said – let’s call is Spanglish – because my friends always tease me about my English and Spanish accent!

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