Meaningful Mentoring

Meaningful Mentoring

Being an entrepreneur is exciting, isn’t it? You turn ideas into living things – products and services that help solve problems. However, a great idea does not ensure success.

Just ask Michelle Mone. Michelle started her own company, MJM International, and launched the Ultimo bra in department stores across the UK. The newly designed brassiere used brand new silicone technology for comfortable shaping and support. The company grew to be worth over £39m, and Michelle has branched out into self-tanning products.

After weathering some personal hardships, Michelle decided to dedicate herself to helping others achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. Now she focuses on business mentorship, working with individuals and groups through Tony Robbins’s Success Resources organisation. When she isn’t working with business owners, Michelle is learning the ropes in the House of Lords as Baroness Mone OBE, after being elevated to a life peerage in 2015.

Though she is an internationally successful businesswoman and now political figure, Michelle is keenly aware of the difficulties inherent in starting a business. That’s why in her new role she advocates for mentorship. Mentoring lets new business owners gain from the experience and wisdom from those who have ‘been there and done that.’ But what does a great mentorship look like?

A mentoring relationship will provide you with valuable information and knowledge, and help you uncover your strengths whilst managing your weaknesses. Mentors, like Michelle, usually have years of hard-won experience; therefore, they can often see what you’re doing well and where you might be headed for trouble. They will also offer insight and encouragement, which helps build hope and develops your confidence.

You don’t need to hire Baroness Mone, but you shouldn’t be afraid to reach out to a potential mentor and establish some communication. Many successful business owners are happy to help entrepreneurs who are honestly looking for ways to improve and mentorships can be the start of wonderful life-long friendships as well as business relationships. The only thing you need to remember is that when it’s your turn to serve, be sure to pay it forward by becoming a mentor to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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