Women and Leadership: A Match Made in Business Heaven

Women and Leadership: A Match Made in Business Heaven


You’ve probably heard of Sheryl Sandberg’s bestselling book, ‘Lean In,’ but maybe you haven’t heard about recent studies confirming that women in leadership roles increase a company’s overall performance – and the more women, the better the performance. But what gives women a special edge over the competition when it comes to leadership? And how can women entrepreneurs harness their inner leadership abilities to make their businesses soar?

Research has uncovered at least one reason women outperform men in leadership roles. Women tend to be more effective as leaders over a longer period of time than men. Some of this increase in effectiveness comes from the all-too-common feeling amongst professional women that they must do ‘twice as much to be considered half as good.’ But in addition to this pressure, researchers found that women were more motivated to seek feedback and take action to improve. This drive for self-development continued throughout a woman’s career whereas the data showed men stop seeking feedback and improvement when they feel they have reached peak competency.

As one of the most well-known female business leaders in the world, Sheryl Sandberg has had plenty to say about why female leadership matters and why holding women back is a big mistake for everyone. Before she became Facebook’s chief operation officer, Sheryl was vice president of global online sales & operations. She has made a point of championing women leaders and potential, highlighting how diverse management helps companies and consumers. Far from being ‘bossy’ or ‘pushy,’ Sheryl shows women should use their natural leadership skills to make their mark on the business world. For women entrepreneurs, harnessing these qualities could mean going farther and faster than the competition. And at Vital, we’re thrilled to be helping women realise their own potential to take on any industry and emerge as leaders and role models.

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