Our New Addition To The Family

Our New Addition To The Family


Hi Kerry. You’ve arrived at an exciting time with the launch of Vitality and the move to the new office. How have you found your start to life at Vital?

It’s been a really exciting time! Everyone’s been so positive, and you can feel there’s genuine excitement with the new direction Vital is going! It’s definitely been hectic (Kerry has a good chuckle). The move and everything associated with it has been a big part of my focus. But I’ve also been able to attend lots of great events and have learnt so much about Vital. We’ve been in the office for 3 weeks now, so I’ve enjoyed getting my teeth into the day-to-day work. Plus I love the view of old Dubai from the new office!


So what led you to Vital? 

I had been looking for the right position to go back to work after taking some time off after starting a family. After meeting Amanda it seemed like the perfect fit! Her passion and love for what she does really came across and that’s something I admire. I’ve always had a passion for delivering exceptional service. My background is in hospitality and aviation (working/training flight attendants on private jets) but the hours were not really family friendly, so here I am!


Did you work with anyone famous?

Let’s just say I worked with some very high net worth individuals from around the world and I could tell you some, hmmm, let’s say interesting stories (haha)! But I can’t disclose them I’m afraid. J  I worked on private jets for a variety of clients for 7 years before setting up my own company. It was focused on training and recruitment of private flight attendants and I developed a 2-day training course. I believed that all flight attendants should receive intense, relevant, “job specific” standard of training delivered by a current professional VIP flight attendant. Attending the course meant that they would be equipped to take the next step into the business aviation industry.

I gave up my back in 2010 due to the financial crisis but I’m a true entrepreneur at heart!


What makes you happiest at work?

I really love working in a positive environment where all the staff are happy and morale is upbeat. I really feed off that type of energy. Also, working with like-minded individuals who you can learn from while having a laugh makes me excited to come into work each day.


If you could have a superpower, which one would you choose?

Hmmm. I think it’s going have to be time travel.


Interesting choice – why time travel?

With time travel you get what we all want– a whole lot more time. From a professional sense, you can put a standstill on things, review your decisions, and just give yourself time to breathe, rather than immediately jumping into the next thing.

From a personal point of view, with time-travel, you can go back and spend time with family members that are no longer with us and relive memorable days and events. I also like the idea of going forward in time to see what will become successful. Then I could ‘invent’ something now (struggling to hold back the laughter) that will make me super-duper rich (lots of laughing). Something along those lines anyway – hahaha!


What’s your favourite thing to do away from work?

To be honest, my favourite thing to do away from work is spend time with friends and family and eat! Whether that’s entertaining friends with a BBQ or a dinner party, or going out to a good restaurant. I’m a real foodie.

I love yoga on the beach, but really anything by the sea. I’m a bit of a sea baby. And of course, spending time with my son. He’s 19 months and he cracks me up! He’s getting such a massive personality now. He’s just so funny, and kind and it’s such a pleasure spending time with him.


What would you call your autobiography?

Hmmm, this is a tough one (long pause) I’m struggling to think of something I like. Ok, I like the book ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ so let’s adapt that for me. Something that involves food? Ok, let’s go with ‘Food, Travel, Love’. It’s a good summary of who I am. ☺

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