Ajman Free Zone

Ajman Free Zone Authority Offshore

AFZA is one of the few free zones in the UAE to offer offshore company formation.

Offshore companies are popular with investors who need an international business setup for intellectual property rights, real estate ownership, bank accounts, invoicing, or a holding company.

The Ajman Free Zone Authority has provided clients with professional offshore business setup services since 2014. Like other offshore jurisdictions around the world, offshore company formation through the Ajman Free Zone Authority offers zero taxation and ensures members’ privacy and security as well as granting additional advantages for businesses looking for offshore company formation in UAE.

With rapid incorporation (typically within one day), no annual audits, no requirement for office space, and competitive company formation costs, many companies choose the Ajman Free Zone Authority for offshore company formation over longer established offshore destinations.

An offshore company registered through the Ajman Free Zone Authority may operate as a holding company, an investment vehicle, or under any other allowed designation, but cannot provide visas.