Masdar City Free Zone

Business Setup in Masdar Free Zone, Abu Dhabi

As a leading example of the UAE’s post-hydrocarbon future, Masdar City offers a unique free zone business formation opportunity. The purpose-built city is founded on the principles of renewable energy and design sustainability. Located near Abu Dhabi International Airport and only 17km from the city center, this free zone is one of the most environmentally sustainable cities in the world.

The Masdar City Free Zone is a prime location for companies specialising in clean-tech brands, energy, and sustainable technology companies that are looking for free zone business setup opportunities in the UAE. As well as allowing 100% foreign ownership and unrestricted access to employees from any country, organizations in Masdar City Free Zone have access to a community of innovative, likeminded businesses where the emphasis is on sharing knowledge and developing future technologies for the world.

Additionally, the free zone attracts organizations from four main categories: solar energy, green building, water supply, and power storage. Masdar City also supports secondary industries, including smart grids, efficient appliances, electric vehicles, and waste services. Though Masdar City focuses on these areas, other industries have used Masdar City to launch their company setup in the UAE, including marketing, recycling, non-profit, and business services.

The multi-phased 6 square kilometer site is also home to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology. The Institutes’ sole focus is on developing alternative energy, environmental sustainability, and clean technology, boasting some of the most advanced research facilities in the world with leading talent from across the globe. As a result, Masdar City Free Zone is a world leader in the pursuit of renewable energy and sustainable living.

The Business Benefits of Free Zone Company Formation in Masdar City

  • Unique architecture and state-of-the-art design create an ideal location to live, work, and entertain clients.
  • Continuous innovation and information sharing between the leading minds in the fields of renewable energy, clean tech, and environmental technology.
  • A unique, internationally renowned center with global exposure from governments, organizations, and research centers looking to Masdar City as the hub for renewable and environmentally sustainable practices.
  • Conduct cutting-edge research in collaboration with IRENA and Masdar Institute of Science and Technology.
  • Develop your company’s corporate social responsibility program and showcase your new products to industry leaders.
  • A leading infrastructure network with easy access to and from Masdar via road, air, sea, and soon rail.

The Financial Benefits of Free Zone Company Formation in Masdar City

  • 100% company ownership available for foreign investors
  • Zero tax for individuals and corporations
  • No import tariffs
  • No restriction on profits, quotas, or capital movement
  • No currency restriction