Vital understands that building personal relationships is fundamental to providing world-class corporate services. We work hard to understand the requirements of our clients, to protect confidentiality and to maintain trust. We employ a specialist team and use a trusted network of financial and legal partners that give us a truly global reach and unparalleled level of service and commitment.

We work as independent consultants for our clients, by analysing their business aspirations, needs and goals and providing our recommendations on the most efficient solutions available for their activity, planned growth and budget. We do not believe in sending a long list of possible licensing options to our clients, it is our duty and our passion to understand the requirements of our clients to then come up with the most efficient solutions. As we are independent and not affiliated with any licensing authority, our licensing and structuring options are given with our clients’ best interests in mind.


We are a strong and passionate team, striving to ensure entrepreneurs receive the best of care, service, value and attention. We, as a team hold several values both professionally and personally and these are reflected through the work and service delivered to our clients.








Our Vision is to create an environment for strong entrepreneurs to develop their business ideas into profitable organizations by providing affordable and sustainable licensing options that support growth in addition to providing intellect, mentoring, support, empowerment, and access to a trusted network of service providers who share their passion and enthusiasm.

By providing an empowering, educating and engaging platform for entrepreneurs, Vital creates an environment that results in established entrepreneurs successfully building highly valuable companies and generating profits. Vital sets up affordable, sustainable companies that support growth. We empower and give encouragement to passionate entrepreneurs and business owners. We listen to our clients’ ideas and needs, asking the right questions to understand the business, the client and their target audience. We identify areas where help and support are needed and connect the clients accordingly to the right trusted the service provider. Many people think setting up a business is only accessible the select few. Vital makes it available to all.

Our Team