3 Ways To Generate and Close Leads for Your Business

3 Ways To Generate and Close Leads for Your Business

There’s not a company out there that doesn’t want more leads. Attracting potential business and ultimately winning new business (conversion) is vital to increased success and growth. But despite the importance of leads and conversions, many companies are not utilising some of the key ways to generate leads and ensure conversion. Below we look at three top methods.

Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing has been surpassed by digital marketing. Every piece of content you produce can be directed at your target market, wherever they are in the world. It’s instant, it’s targeted and it offers a great ROI compared with traditional marketing and advertising.

On average people spend six hours online per day, and this is only going to increase. When people want to know about a product or service, they look online to learn more about it. And these people respond to information. So, make sure your blog, social media platforms, website, newsletter and any other digital marketing avenues offer insight to your target audience. As the famous marketer Andrew Davis says, ‘Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.’


If you aren’t networking, you’re missing out on a huge and extremely cost-effective source of leads. Networking events are your chance to sell your business face-to-face, expand your network and make people aware of your brand. Networking is all about creating connections. Perhaps the person you speak with doesn’t need your services right now, but maybe they will in the future or they can connect you with someone who does. Once you start to get your brand out there, leads will follow. Remember to take your business cards, follow up by email with everyone you meet and connect on LinkedIn.


So you’ve done the hard part and generated leads. Once someone expresses an interest in working with your company, they NEED to be your priority. It’s amazing that in this day and age, so many businesses are slow or don’t even reply to potential customers. All the hard work in generating leads is lost, usually due to a lack of organisation.

CRMs (customer relationship managers) are a must for busy organisations. A CRM program tracks potential customers through every stage of the buying process. For smaller businesses, a CRM is a great way to stay on top of potential leads. There are lots of free CRMs that will provide you with an organised approach for turning leads into customers. For larger companies, CRM software automatically tracks customers’ online journey through every stage of the buying process.

So, make sure to create and implement a strategy in 2018 that will help generate and convert leads.

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