4 ways to show those in your business some love

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4 ways to show those in your business some love

From a financial standpoint, we tend to focus on the people purchasing from the business – the customers. We create the most enticing offers hoping to reel them in to make a purchase. But what about the people in your own business? The ones that (hopefully) drive our sales and our profits? This includes the marketeers, the salespeople, the admin staff and so many more.

So, how about this Valentine’s Day we show them some love and appreciate them for all the work they do on a daily basis.

Send a gift

Everyone loves a present, especially if it’s a surprise. It doesn’t have to be something grand. It could be a handwritten thank you note, a box of chocolates, movie tickets or vouchers for a fun activity. Make sure that there are at least two tickets so that your employee’s significant other can join in.

Share the love on social media

Share a group picture on the company website, or on their social media account. Not only does it give your customers an insight to the people behind their favourite brand, but it’s also a way to create a connection with your employees. ‘Here’s where I work’, and ‘there’s a picture of me on the company website’ can be a real source of pride for many employees.

Ask for feedback

Even the happiest employees will have feedback to share on how to improve some aspects of the company. Listen to feedback from the team, analyse it and then implement change. Implementation is necessary to make the employees feel that their opinions matter, and that the business cares about them.

Host a get-together

Host a function or just a casual get-together and invite the employees so that they can interact and talk to one another. Arrange for food, drinks, and fun games to keep it interactive and ensure there is no lull in the conversation. Try and keep it on a workday so it’s a special treat from the business, versus a weekend event where they have to sacrifice family time to come to a business event. Again, this just shows how much the business cares.

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