How to build a relationship with your clients through social media

How to build a relationship with your clients through social media

With almost every person having a smartphone and a Facebook account, social media has become personally and professionally vital. Customers are e-mailing less and Facebook messaging more. And reviews can be found on multiple platforms, including Yelp and Twitter, with ones on You Tube and Google easy to make and just as easy to find. Your business needs to know what your customers are doing and how to engage with them.

  1. Create social media accounts

These are ‘touch-points’ where clients can interact with you. This includes a Facebook page, an Instagram account, or a Twitter handle – essentially whatever is relevant for your business.

  1. Keep the accounts active

Make sure you’re posting informative and interesting content, at regular intervals, on all your social media channels. Respond to customer queries, share updates about the business, and create articles that answer your customer’s questions.

  1. Respond to customer feedback

Whether it is positive or negative, make sure to respond to a customer’s feedback. If the customer made the effort of writing a review online, write a thank you and re-tweet so that they feel happy. If there is negative feedback, apologise and offer a resolution to the customer’s problem.

  1. Sound human

E-mails and corporate communication can sometimes be pretty formal, but social media allows businesses to develop an online personality. Humorous tweets, stunning Instagram photos, and creative Snapchat stories are a way for brands to express themselves in a personal way to millions of customers.

  1. Use relevant hashtags

The new generation loves using #hashtags; the more the better. Spend time deciding on relevant hashtags for your business. Brand-specific ones that can be used year-around are best, but seasonal ones for those special days are just as important. Use these hashtags in your posts, and make sure to communicate the same to your customers. Re-post, re-tweet and even invest in a hashtag campaign to create excitement around the (now noticeable) hashtag.

  1. Create a community

Build a community of users around your brand. This can be in the form of a Facebook group, or an exclusive mailing list of customers who’ve purchased your product or service and enjoyed it. Let them be the first ones to find out about new products and ask them for feedback. Essentially, give them the opportunity to connect with your brand in a way that’s unique and special.

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