Vital Corporate Solutions Brings You Vitality!


Vital Corporate Solutions Brings You Vitality!

We’ve had a project in the works for a while, and we’re excited to finally share the news! We’ve always been passionate about helping entrepreneurs, especially women, choose the right company formation option. But as these budding business owners launch their companies, we noticed there was very little support available to them – particularly for women. Plus, where can these lady leaders find like-minded people to work with, mentor, and grow?

We created the answer with our exciting new venture



Vitality understands that women do business differently, and embraces that uniqueness to create our collaborative centre. At Vitality, we provide advice, support, and guidance to women-led businesses and start-ups that want to take their business to a higher level of success.

Vitality is much more than a business accelerator. We engage our clients with carefully tailored one-to-one programs that give them the tools and environment to build a successful business. From our new location in the H Hotel, we help our entrepreneurs with a range of customisable services that focus on analysis, commitment, accountability, execution, monitoring, and review:

  • Business and Personal Psychometrics
    • Our specially designed psychometrics services give business owners insights into their mental strengths and weaknesses and how these could affect their plans. With these insights, our clients can use their strengths to enhance their businesses and constructively address other areas through mentoring, monitoring, review, and other on-site programs


  • Collaboration Teams
    • In business, we are surrounded by potential supporters and friends – we only need an introduction. That’s why we have created collaboration teams to unite entrepreneurs focusing on the same market, target client bases, and business or value propositions. We’ve also created several on-site spaces to nurture collaboration. Together, we can all soar significantly higher and find more opportunities much faster.


  • Education and Training
    • We think further education and training are both critical for business success, so that’s why Vitality offers comprehensive sessions on a wide range of topics. Seminars are presented by Vitality staff, our trusted partners, and our members. We address topics you might expect, like marketing, accounting, and employer responsibilities, but we also offer our clients opportunities to gain deeper insights with sessions focused on business psychology, mentoring, and more.


  • Value Added Services
    • One huge issue for companies is finding service providers who are reliable and trustworthy. That’s why we’ve already screened potential partners that we can confidently recommend to our clients. We’ve removed the worry and risk so that our clients’ businesses can confidently move ahead. And in our collaborative environment, that means our clients build meaningful relationships with vendors that builds each business up over the long term.


  • Supporting Services
    • Because women business owners have unique needs, we’ve created an on-site childcare room where children can enjoy playing, watching movies, or working on homework. We’ll also be introducing wellness services, like yoga, meditation, and more to support our entrepreneurs’ health. With our mentoring program and in-house business residency system, we make sure you are achieving your business dreams through monitoring, collaborative review, and executing a structured plan that helps you succeed.


We’d love to see you at our new location and show you what Vitality is all about. Come see us during our launch event on 8th November from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm at the H Hotel, SZR, Suite 1602. Come by to say hi and find out how we can help your business reach higher levels of success!

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