Why Vital?

Why Vital?

Setting up a business in the UAE can seem like a daunting process. While there are plenty of business setup ‘specialists’ in the region, running a successful business requires far more than just a smooth setup. Company formation can seem like a complicated process but pairing with an experienced specialist can render the task significantly simpler.

Fast-forward past company formation, a new business also needs the right kind of support to truly grow and thrive. What’s better than partnering with a knowledgeable business consultancy that has already learned the intricacies of your business through the setup process? It just makes sense. That’s why at Vital, we do far more than just facilitate your company formation, we also offer business and strategic planning so you can continue to achieve business success past the setup stage.

You may be wondering, just what is it that makes us different to other company formation specialists in region? At Vital, we understand that building personal relationships is fundamental to providing world-class corporate services. That is why we don’t treat our clients like just another company. Each client and each business is unique in their needs. We want to ensure that all entrepreneurs we partner with are receiving the care, service and value that is right for them.

When it comes to company formation, for example, we simply do not believe in just offering an exhaustive list of possible licensing option to our clients. We take it as our duty to truly understand the requirements of every client to formulate the most efficient solutions for them. As an independent organization, we are not affiliated with any licensing authority thus we are able to offer our clients licensing and structuring options with their best interest in mind. We are passionate about building your trust and turning your business dreams into a reality in a way that suits you.

And there’s more. We operate as a specialist team with extensive knowledge of the local business landscape. Many years of experience in the region has provided us access to a trusted network of financial and legal partners, giving us global reach and a truly unparalleled level of service.

As a company, our aim is to ultimately provide our clients with sustainable business solutions. Years of experience have shown that us new businesses need support, guidance and mentorship even after the setup process. For this reason, in addition to our formation services, we offer sustainable business solutions and strategic planning.

We treat your business like it’s our business. We are dedicated to turning your passion into profits! Statistics show that 50-80% of businesses in the region fail within their first year. We want to turn this statistic on its head. And our record shows that we’re on our way. 99.7% of our 2016 clients renewed their company licenses with us for their second year of business in 2017.

We are a fully comprehensive business consultancy who genuinely understand the complexities of running a business. We have gained expertise in incorporating, structuring and managing private companies for individuals and institution as well as in-depth knowledge of federal and business regulation in the UAE. The services we provide are:

  • Free Zone Incorporation
  • Mainland Incorporation
  • Local Sponsorship
  • Offshore Incorporation
  • International Company Incorporation
  • Business and Strategic Planning

Sometimes taking the first step can seem intimidating, but we are passionate about finding you sustainable solutions to make the whole process easier and more enjoyable! Whether you’re looking to form a company or grow your business into the company you truly envision, explore Vital and discover how we can turn your dreams into a reality. Book a free consultation today!

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