Vital Corporate Solution’s aim has always been to provide the most efficient and sustainable business set-up solutions to our clients. When we started in 2010 we quickly realised that there was an additional offering that we could add to our service besides efficiency, exceptional service and professionalism.  New Businesses need support, guidance and mentorship.  This is why we are more than just a Company Formation Specialist.

We believe that every business to thrive needs a well planned, structured and efficient set-up. Our vision has been clear since the beginning, your business is our business and we will turn your passions into profits. There are hundreds of statistics showing new businesses failing in their first year anything in the region of 50% – 80% and whilst that statistic is unclear, we can be sure that we have an amazing record for 2017 where 99.7% of our 2016 clients renewed their company licenses with us for their second year of business.

Vitality is the UAE’s first and only female-focused Business Accelerator. Since 2017, we have been passionately focused on building successful businesses, led by successful women. We take our clients on a journey, working closely with them for the long term, to achieve their business goals, irrespective of their starting point. We believe that our clients’ needs require more than “one-size-fits-all business advice, or quick-fix guidance.” We understand that just as all businesses are different, so are the women driving those businesses forward.

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